SEAD Specific Brevity Codes

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    SEAD Specific Brevity Codes:

    ACTIVE: (system) ACTIVE (location/direction)—Referenced emitter is radiating at the stated
    location or along the stated bearing.
    • “SA-10 ACTIVE bullseye 3-4-5, twenty-three”
    • “SA-10 ACTIVE northeast”
    • “SA-10 ACTIVE 0-4-5 degrees”

    ADD: ADD (system/category)—Directive call to add a specific system or electronic order of battle (EOB) category to search responsibilities.
    • “Weasel 1, ADD SA-11”

    ARIZONA—No ARM ordnance remaining. (HARM)
    • “Weasel 1, off northeast, ARIZONA”

    BULLSEYE – Predetermined reference point. BULLSEYE calls are read in a bearing/distance format. Bearing is read in single digits, and distance as a number.
    • “Weasel 1-1, SA-11 BULLSEYE 2-3-1, 55 (2-3-1, fifty-five)”

    • Contrary to DCS scripting, BULLSEYE is never shortened to “BULLS” because it can be confused with “BRAA”

    CAPTURED—Aircrew has acquired and is able to track a specified air-to-ground (A/G) target with an on-board sensor. TPOD, HTS.
    • Weasel 1-1 CAPTURED SA-8”

    DAKOTA – No air to ground ordinance remaining

    DATA (object, w/position)—Standby for data link message concerning object at stated location.
    • “DATA T-90 Bullseye 0-9-8, 16”
    • In DCS, Viper datalink states “DATA” when a mark-point is received, But it does not include object or position.

    1. Directive/informative call to stop monitoring a specific emitter/target and resume search responsibility.
    2. Remove the emitter/target from the tactical picture/track stores.
    3. Directive call to remove a specific system or EOB category from search responsibilities.

    EMPTY—No emitters of interest detected.

    LOWDOWN—A request to provide tactical ground information pertinent to the mission in a digital bullseye format.

    MAGNUM (system/location)—Launch of friendly anti-radiation missile (ARM).
    • “Weasel 2-1 MAGNUM Big Bird, Bullseye 2-4-5, ninety-eight”

    MUD (type w/direction)—Indicates radar warning receiver (RWR) ground threat displayed with no launch identification. Search mode. Add clock position/azimuth and radar type, if known.
    • “Viper 1-2, MUD, Snow Drift, northwest”

    NAILS (w/direction)—RWR indication of AI radar in search.
    • “Python 1-1, NAILS Mig-29, north”

    NAKED—No RWR indications.

    PAVEWAY – Release of laser guided bomb.

    SAM (w/direction)—Visual acquisition of a SAM in flight or a SAM launch, should include position and type if known.
    • “Snake 2-1, SAM, southwest”

    SINGER (type w/direction)—Informative call of RWR indication of surface-to-air missile
    • “Viper 1-1, SINGER 6, 360, defending west.”

    SNIFF (type)—Passive sensor indication of a stated radar emitter.

    SLAPSHOT (type, bearing)—Directive call for an aircraft to immediately employ a HARM against a specified range unknown threat at the specified bearing.
    • “Weasel 3-1 SLAPSHOT clam shell, 0-5-5”

    SNIPER (type, location [range, bearing])—Directive call for an aircraft to employ a
    range-known HARM against a specified threat at the specified location.
    • “Weasel 1-2 SNIPER big bird bullseye 1-3-3, twenty-five”

    1. (Air-to-Air) Target destroyed.
    2. (Air-to-Surface) Weapons impact

    SPIKE (w/direction)—RWR indication of an AI threat in track or launch.
    • “Weasel 1-1, SPIKE SA-6, 2 o’clock”

    TAG (system, w/location)—Response to an emitter ambiguity resolution request (COLOR).

    THUNDER—Informative call 1 minute prior to air-to-surface weapons impact.

    TOY—HARM targeting system (HTS) pod.

    TRASHED – Incoming missile has been defeated.

    TRESPASS (system, w/position)—The addressed flight is entering the surface-to-air threat ring of a specific (system) at the stated location.
    • “Weasel 1-1 TRESPASS SA-10, bullseye 1-8-6, eighty”

    WEAPONS ( )—Fire only:
    1. FREE—At targets not identified as friendly IAW current ROE.
    2. TIGHT—At targets positively identified as hostile IAW current ROE.
    3. HOLD (USAF, USMC, USA)/SAFE (USN)—In self-defense or in response to a formal order.

    1. (system w/location) Platform gathering EOB on a designated emitter.
    2. Platform executing electronic identification (EID) on a specific aircraft/group to obtain identification necessary for beyond visual range (BVR) employment.

    Weapon Employment Brevity Codes

    CHEAP SHOT—AIM-120 missile supported to high pulse repetition frequency (HPRF, better against oncoming targets), but not medium pulse repetition frequency (MPRF, better against targets flying away).

    DUCK—Air launched decoy (e.g., TALD/MALD).

    FOX ONE—Simulated or actual launch of semi-active radar-guided missile.

    FOX TWO—Simulated or actual launch of IR-guided missile. AIM-9 variants.

    FOX 3/SECOND FOX 3—Simulated or actual launch of active radar-guided missiles on the
    same target. AIM-120 variants.

    FOX 3 CLOSE/MEDIUM/LONG—See paragraph 10.2.3., Shot/Kill Communications Brevity.

    FOX 3 (X) SHIP (formation description)—Valid missile shot against (x) separate targets (assumes 1 missile per target).

    GUNS—An air-to-air or air-to-surface gunshot.

    HUSKY—Informative call that the AIM-120 is at HPRF active range. (High Pulse Repetition frequency)

    MADDOG—Visual AIM-120 launch without aircraft radar guidance. Will attack the first aircraft it sees.

    MAGNUM (system/location)—Launch of friendly anti-radiation missile (ARM)
    • “Weasel 2-1 MAGNUM Big Bird, Bullseye 2-4-5, ninety-eight”

    PIGS—Friendly glide weapon (e.g., JSOW).

    PITBULL—Informative call that the AIM-120 is at MPRF active range. (Medium Pulse Repetition Frequency). Missile no longer requires input from the aircraft.

    RIFLE—Friendly air-to-surface missile launch. AGM-65 Maverick.

    No Ordinance Remaining Brevity Codes

    ARIZONA—No ARM ordnance remaining. (HARM)

    DAKOTA – No air to ground ordinance remaining.

    REMINGTON – Only guns remaining.

    WINCHESTER—No ordnance remaining.

    Sample Evolution of Calls During Engagement of SA-10:

    Viper enters threat range of known SAM system:
    • “Weasel 1-1 TRESPASS, SA-10, bullseye 1-3-5, 25”

    Search radar – on:
    • “Weasel 1-1 MUD clam shell, bullseye 1-2-5, 25”
    • “Weasel 1-1 MUD Clam Shell 2 o’clock”

    Turning inbound to engage:
    • “Weasel 1-1 in from southeast SA-10”

    Tracking radar – on:
    • “Weasel 1-1, big bird ACTIVE bullseye 1-3-5, 25”

    Engages with HARM:
    • “Weasel 1-1, MAGNUM, SA-10”

    SA-10 fires (Missile warning):
    • “Weasel 1-1 SINGER SA-10, DEFENSIVE”

    • “Weasel 1-1 off west”

    All ARMs expended:
    • “Weasel 1-1 ARIZONA”

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