The 1st Virtual Strke Command offers three different wings to choose from. This will depend on the type of aircraft you want to fly. We have two platforms which offer two different simulators….Digital Combat Simulator and Benchmark Sims.

The 1st VSC has two wings that fly DCS. The 1st Joint Virtual Fighter Wing is the USAF wing flying the F-16C, A-10C, F-15C, and F-15E in DCS. The Virtual Carrier Wing-3 is the US Naval wing flying the F/A-18C, F-14B, and AV-8B+. The 56th Virtual Fighter Wing flies Benchmark Sims Falcon BMS. The main aircraft we fly is the F-16 usually in a dynamic campaign arena.

Below are the wings the 1st VSC offers. Please feel free to explore the various options avaliable.

1st JVFW Website Edit

1st JVFW

The 1st JVFW is the primary DCS Air Force Wing. Our mission is to train and develop highly skilled combat pilots across multiple Air Force airframes. Whatever your primary aircraft is, we will teach you the basics all the way to advanced weapons in order to employ that airframe against any adversary and have fun doing it!

VCVW 3 patch


The Virtual Carrier Wing 3 is our primary DCS Naval Wing. Our role is to create a home for four squadrons with 3 different airframes to perform multi-tasked missions and robust training scenarios. We primarily fly off the USS George Washington.

56th VFW patch

56th VFW

The 56th VFW is a group of dedicated F-16 virtual pilots. The 56th currently has 3 active squadrons. All squadrons in the 56th VFW are currently flying the most current version of BMS.