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56th VFW

The 56th VFW is a group of dedicated F-16 virtual pilots. The 56th currently has 3 active squadrons. All squadrons in the 56th VFW are currently flying the most current version of BMS.

63rd vfs patch

63rd VFS

F-16C Viper
308th vfs patch

308th VFS

F-16C Viper
310th vfs patch

310th VFS

F-16C Viper

About the 56th VFW

The 56th Virtual Fighter Wing has a total of 8 squadrons; however, 4 of those squadrons are not activated because of lack of pilots. The 4 squadrons that are active are the: 63rd Panthers, 308th Emerald Knights, 309th Wild Ducks, and 310th Tophats. The inactive squadrons are the 21st Gamblers, 61st Spikes, 62nd Bulldogs, and 425th Black Widows. Hopefully we can get enough pilots in our ranks to open those squadrons up.

Each squadron tries to fit the pilot’s needs to the best of its ability, whether that be flight days and times, style of flying or both. Everyone has their own style in which they fly. Some just want to fly tactical engagements, some want to fly campaign, some want to do both. Each squadron is set up so that the new pilot can choose what squadron would fit him or her best. The wing as a whole is very lax when it comes to personality within it. We try to fly as realistic as possible. Every one of the 56th pilots are very easy to get along with. Every one of us are like brothers to each other. All this being said, the squadrons are set up no different; whether we fly together, or do force on force with each other, we all get along.

There are four squadron patches with flight times. Those flight times are the scheduled flight days/nights that the 56th VFW conducts flight operations. We also fly during unscheduled flight. To learn more about each squadron, click on the corresponding patch to learn more about each squadron.

From the Commander

56th VFW is dedicated primarily to bring people together who share the same interest: playing a flight simulation that we all enjoy. Our goal here in the 56th is geared toward having fun flying online. We are all here to help each other learn this simulation, and to have fun doing so. All of our pilots each have their specialty so do not hesitate to ask questions when they arise. If you want a place where you’re able to fly, learn, meet great people, make friends, and most importantly have fun, then we encourage you to look into our site. Here you will find the greatest virtual pilots to fly with! Passion for flying, passion for fun!

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