This page covers how to get promoted in the 1st VSC. The best and fastest way to get promoted is with participation!

3 Tier Structure

Our promotion system is based on a 3 tier structure. The tiers are time based, attendance based and squadron contributions. Once you meet the first tier your squadron commander will push up the chain the request and the 1st VSC command will convene for a promotion board. The board will consider your participation is all three tiers to make their decision. If chosen for promotion, we will announce on the forums page and you will receive an update on your signature block and livery for your jets. If not chosen, your squadron commander will have a list of requirements to provide you so you know what you need to achieve.

1st Tier

The first tier of promotion is time based. Below is a list of ranks and the minimum time you will remain at that rank for promotion. There will be a chance to get promoted below the zone for all ranks. This will be determined first by your squadron commander and passed up for the board.

2nd Lieutenant – 6 Months

1st Lieutenant – 1 Year

Captain – 1 Year, 6 Months

Major – 2 Years

Lieutenant Colonel – 2 Years

Colonel – 3 Years

2nd Tier

The second tier is attendance based. Below is how many flights you need to accomplish in order to be put up in front of the promotion board.

6 Months – 20 training flights OR 20 combat flights OR 30 combined total

1 Year – 40 training flights OR 40 combat flights OR 70 combined total

3rd Tier

The third and final tier is squadron contributions. The list below is some of the things you can to to help out the squadron. This list is not all inclusive and should you find other ways to help out that will all be considered.

Mission creation, running a training sortie, building lineup cards, helping teammates with required program installs, helping teammates with program setups, any tasks the commander asks, etc.,