This page will cover how you can achieve upgrades within your squadron and earn those titles!

Upgrades in the fighter community are a benchmark for the skill and experience for fighter pilots. They make a pilot stand out amongst his peers and allow him to lead the other members in the squadron to become the best they can. Upgrades within a squadron are strictly up to the commander and can be acheived at any time. This decision will be based on your past experience level and competency. Some pilots will earn this upgrades right away while it may take some time for others. Once you enter a squadron you will be placed with an instructor pilot that will help you achieve these upgrades. Should you have your eye set on something please reach out to your instructor pilot to find out what it takes to get there! We love when young pilots step up and want to teach the other pilots. By no means is any of this mandatory for you to remain in the squadron. This is solely based on your willingness to take your experience and knowledge and use that to earn a position where you can pass it down to somebody that doesn’t it yet. Below is a list of upgrades to achieve that will earn you the title on the roster and in your signature block!

2-Ship Flight Lead

4-Ship Flight Lead

Instructor Pilot

Evaluator Pilot

Chief of Training

Chief of Stan Eval