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    The 13th VFS Standards and Evaluation program has been developed based on best practices within the DCS community and tailored to our unit’s mission and needs.

    What it is NOT: A military qualification program that requires extensive study, preparation and rigorous testing. (Only the strong survive.)

    What it IS: A program tailored to the DCS pilot around necessary mission skills to operate efficiently in your role during missions. It is designed with full understanding that not everyone in this community is a trained and certificated pilot. It may require a little more effort if you are not, simply because you may not have the benefit of such training. Be assured that this program is written for all to succeed. With that said, some effort and preparation are needed regardless of experience for specific tasks. This program will help you in areas where you may not have challenged yourself before.

    The benefits to you are goals to achieve, qualifications to earn, and the ability to operate as an effective member of this unit.

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