Persian Gulf

DCS Persian Gulf 700x1000 v1b

The DCS: Persian Gulf Map for DCS World focuses on the Strait of Hormuz, the strategic choke point between the oil-rich Persian Gulf and the rest of the world. Flanked by Iran to the north and western-supported UAE and Oman to the south, this region has been one of the world’s most dangerous flash points for decades. In 1988, it was the location of Operation Praying Mantis, in which U.S. forces sank or damaged several Iranian naval vessels, and destroyed two armed Iranian oil platforms.

Featuring southern Iran including the major naval port of Bandar Abbas, the map also includes Qeshm Island, northern Oman and large stretches of heavily-contested sea that are well-suited for combat aircraft carrier operations. Covering 77,220 square miles, the map is roughly the size of Nebraska – or slightly under a third the size of Texas. From land bases in Iran, the UAE and Oman or from the deck of an aircraft carrier, the DCS: Persian Gulf Map offers a wide range of realistic and thrilling combat missions in which to prove your mettle.