1st Virtual Strike Command

Sharedil “Outlaw” Khan

Fighter Pilot

I have been flying Falcon since Falcon 4.0, on and off, sometimes with years of break. However, Falcon 4, and BMS never got deleted from my computer. Returning to hobby again and been flying in DCS for years plus solo or Growling Sider server. Fly Jeff also occasionally. Familiar with F-16 and Jeff weapon (mostly) and on 'good' day when all stars are aligned can do AAR :). I have WinWing Orion2, Saitek Rudder Paddle and PIMAX Crystal (just got a few weeks ago).

In RL (used to) fly Gliders. Do not have a Glider Pilot license anymore but that was the fun until it lasted. Miss it sometimes.


309th VTS

F-16C Viper

13th VFS

F-16C Viper

Installed Modules

Sharedil “Outlaw” Khan has these modules installed on their system.

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DCS F 16C 700x1000 v3 1
DSC Module Flaming Cliffs 3
DSC Module Nevada
DSC Module Persian Gulf
DCS Syria