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Straight Flush Main Image

1S91 “Straight Flush” (SA-6 Search-Tracking Radar)

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Flap Lid Main Image

30N6 “Flap Lip” (SA-10 Track Radar)

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Square Pair Main Image

5N62V “Square Pair” (SA-5 Tracking Radar)

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Clam Shell Main Image

5N66M “Clam Shell” (SA-10 Search Radar)

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Big Bird Main Image

64N6E “Big Bird” (SA-10 Search Radar)

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Snowdrift Main Image

9518 “Snowdrift” (SA-10 Search Radar)

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Flat Face Main Image

P19 “Flat Face” (SA-2/3/5 Search Radar)

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Sborka Main Image

PPRU-1M “Sborka” Acquisition Radar

The PPRU-1 mobile reconnaissance and air defence control point was introduced in the late 1970s as a unified way to coordinate mobile tactical air defence batteries such as the Shilka, Strela-1, Strela-10, Tor and Tunguska.

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